Financial Crisis: Which path to follow?

If one is struggling through his/her financial condition, saving money is probably the first thing that comes into the mind of an individual. As we all know, every drop counts and might help in driving us out of the crisis. People often try to cut down on their treats and expenditure, trim budgets and avoid entertainment expenses. This might be a good step in the beginning but such things should not end up there itself.

The way of the credit cards

Credit cards have come a long way from what they were and evolved into something completely different. It had all started with a concrete jungle bank in the mid twentieth century. The inventor of the first bank-issued credit card was John Briggs, a banker from the Flatbush National Bank of New York. Introduced in 1946, the card was called “Charge-It.” The catch was that a user had to have an account at Brigg’s bank and purchases could be made only locally.
Are you having the relevant data? The mTrakr Dashboard

Are you having the relevant data? The mTrakr Dashboard

What kind of profiles you must be targeting? What kind of data you must have? Which information will going to be the success driver of your business? All these things play a key role in blooming the sales of an entity. It might sound very easy for majors like Google and Facebook to capture all kinds of information as these tech giants are in the business of gathering information. But for a firm needing specialized data, relating to its core business, the process may prove to be expensive and cumbersome.
How AI is disrupting the financial ecosystem

How AI is disrupting the financial ecosystem

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) was originally introduced in the 1950s, it has achieved new prominence recently as computational power has increased and the amount of and access to data has exploded. Everything from business operations, customer service, and marketing to risk management and compliance are starting to benefit from the applications of AI. As pressure mounts due to factors like rising regulatory requirements, competition from new market entrants, heightened expectations from consumers, increasingly sophisticated digital threats, the financial services industry is expanding its use of AI technologies.

mTrakr SMS Processing API

mTrakr is offering API services to provide systematic financial information curated through the details, as provided by the customer. This is done by analyzing the text messages that you provide and in return, we generate refined data like amount, balance, transaction mode like NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, merchant/beneficiary, account number and so on. To harness the full potential of our algorithms we have more offerings in the pipeline: Merchant Categorisation API and an Analytics Web Dashboard.

mTrakr User Guide

mTrakr helps manage your bank accounts, expenses, credit/debit cards, budgets, bills, reminders and documents all in ONE place. It works as a spending tracker app and shows you how much money you have and where, tells you where your money goes. To know more check out mTrakr user guide below :-

5 Benefits of setting Budgets and How they help you achieve your Financial Goals

“Rich People manage their Money well, Poor People mismanage their Money well” Most of Billionaires of the World agree by the above mentioned quote as one of the main reasons for them becoming rich was that they knew how to manage their money well. Wealthy people are not always smarter than non-wealthy people, it is only that they know the art of managing their money well. Every person who has created wealth through his own sources will always tell you that you need a proper financial plan to grow your Money.