Are you having the relevant data? The mTrakr Dashboard

Are you having the relevant data? The mTrakr Dashboard

What kind of profiles you must be targeting? What kind of data you must have? Which information will going to be the success driver of your business? All these things play a key role in blooming the sales of an entity.

It might sound very easy for majors like Google and Facebook to capture all kinds of information as these tech giants are in the business of gathering information. But for a firm needing specialized data, relating to its core business, the process may prove to be expensive and cumbersome.

For business that are into Banking and financing activities, customers’ profile, his/her income and expenses, investment cycles, monthly budgets and shopping habits needs to be taken care of in order to maximize the customer base for selling its products. Banks can’t rely on just being a flâneur. They need concrete information about their customers’ habits and tastes in a clear and understandable manner.

So, here’s Mtrakr Dashboard: A modern web based dashboard giving users fair information in a presentable manner.

What’s the benefit of having Mtrakr Dashboard onboard?

mTrakr Dashboard is integrated with the mTrakr SDK (software development kit), a small extension that can be plugged into an existing app which will automatically scan relevant SMSs and process the SMS using the API developed by mTrakr, which processes SMS data into useful information, giving useful output data in JSON format. The Dashboard is also linked with the Merchant categorization API that categorize various merchant profiles into broad categories such as shopping, entertainment, travel etc. to present its user information in a presentable manner.

The business can view its user’s profiles in detail with the help of the dashboard and filter the data on basis of several parameters. In addition to that, the business can segment and target its users with the help of push notifications and track the effectiveness of the campaign.

It’s true that the person having the correct data bags the maximum market share. Make sure you have the same.

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